Review my offer for a C-Max in NYC

These are the numbers I know for sure.
2016 C-max energi with 302A package
36 months/12K miles
MSRP $34840
Selling price: $???
Lease Cash $12507
Conquest cash $1000
End of year $500
First Responder $500
Doc fee $400
Residual 35%
(Assuming all the incentives stack)
Everything rolled in.
Drive off $259
$259 a month
Still think I can do a lil better, what do you folks think.

Don’t know enough about the C-max market to tell you, but thank you for being a first responder.

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That’s a crapload of incentives, that’s for sure! Selling price would be good to know though. Looks OK from an initial glance though, as long as the selling price is discounted fairly decently.

For comparison, I leased a fully loaded '13 C-Max Energi ($38.5k MSRP) for 24 months in March of 2014, and my final payment was $346/month, $0 down except for 1st month’s payment (full sales tax rolled in because MD charges full tax on a lease). Residual was 54% at the time…now I see it’s 35%. Ouch!

259 a month is too high with so many incentives. Obviously the sales price needs to be low too and the poor residual is affecting the lease.

I think its a good deal depending on sales price. This car with this payment and low residual i would buy at end of my lease and just continue to drive it.

that’s huge lease cash, like the Chevy Spark EV when it was on closeout, but what the heck happened to the residual?

I figure they are making up for the low residual with the incentives.
Trying to finagle the actual #'s from them now. My goal point was originally 10% off MSRP, most dealers in NYC metro wouldn’t budge off of the MSRP because of the huge ford rebates. NJ dealerships are more flexible but much higher Doc fees.