Returning/Selling Lease 2017 Rx350

First time returning a lease car - sold last 2 before lease was up.
Has anyone ‘sold’ their lease end lexus to Carvana or any such entity?
Will lexus allow?
Does Carvana work well for such a deal?
Any other services that are better?

Lease ends in 3 months. Car has 27400 miles. Payoff is $29750. Black ext and tan interior. In OC.

Also - has anyone had any success selling lease end cars on this forum.

I have the same question. Lease is up in December on a 2017 Sentra with low miles. Carmax in San Diego offered more than the residual but Nissan Financial says, in California, I can’t sell it to a dealership. I would need to buy it out first, wait for title to arrive, then do as I please. I was trying to get away with paying the disposition fee…

OP, I old check with your finance company of they allow it.

There are plenty of threads out there on this forum with information on selling to Carvana, Vroom, AlGo, etc. Read them. Plenty of data points on Lexus that I can think of off the top of my head.

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Thanks. Will ask them.