Returning my lease - but need a car for a year - What would you do?

I am returning my lease in a month. Seeking your advice on my options if I need a car for the short-term (1 year).

My lease of the 2018 Chevy Volt is due in 4 weeks. I have taken exceptional care of the car. It is under the contracted mileage of 36K. No dings or scratches. Residual value is $16,500.

I will need a car for another year (waiting for some of the new EVs to come out).

  • I can try to sell the Volt to Carmax or other 3rd party if they’ll pay more than the buyout, and buy a cheap $5k car to last me another year.
  • I can return the Volt back to Chevy, and buy a cheap $5k car to last me another year.
  • Or I can finance the residual value of the Volt, and sell it next year. I’d like to keep the Volt because I’ve babied it, and I know there wouldn’t be any mechanical issues.

My questions for the hackrs are:

  1. Will Chevy negotiate on the $16,500 due at return, or is this something I have to take up with GM finance?
  2. Which options would you hackrs take in this situation?

Many thanks in advance.

No they will not negotiate

Given the current market, they’d probably love to negotiate to a higher price if they could.

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