Returning lease with damage or get it fixed?


My leased Audi got in a accident in garage and got hit in front bumper. Lease is coming to an end in few weeks. I was wondering if I should get it repaired first or better to return as it is.



Have it inspected and see what Audi will charge you. Chances are it won’t be more than you’d have to pay, so why bother unless your insurance will pay for it. If you do use your insurance, it sounds like you’ll lose the deductible and possibly have an accident that would increase your premiums.


You could get a quote from some reputable bumper repair companies. They’re typically less expensive than body shops - a few hundred compared to a thousand or more. Did this happen after the pre-lease-return inspection? Our Acura lease has a $1500 damage waiver if we lease another Acura. You might want to check if Audi has something similar.


With my q50 return, my wife had a cracked front bumper and 3/4 wheels with curb rash. They charged $600. Body shop wanted close to $2000. Preinspection should answer your questions. All I can say is Infiniti was more than fair.


is there any harm in getting pre-inspection done? and then decide if repair or return?


That’s what @KD6-3.7 and @Jrouleau426 are suggesting.


got it, thanks.


See if there’s any grace amount or damage waiver of any amount in your lease. The lender should be able to tell you on the phone. Or did you buy an excess wear and tear policy by chance?


I don’t think I bought any extra coverage.
Its leased via Audi Financial, that will be the lender to call?


Yes- call Audi Financial.