Returning Lease with 9000 Unused Miles... any added value to negotiate with?

I am soon turning in a 2015 GMC Terrain, 2 yr lease with 12k mi/yr. I have 9k unused miles.

I know it’s a stretch, but the dealer will charge $.25/mi over what I purchased, so going by that value per mile, I have $2250 unused “value” in the car still. Any way I look at it, that car should resale for more due to the significantly lower mileage, but not sure what that added value is.

Is there some leverage here that I can use to convince them the RV is higher than anticipated?

If so, what’s the best strategy to apply when negotiating my next lease and/or buyout of my current?

no, it just makes it more valuable for you to buy it out if you wanted (i.e. perhaps the RV is actually less than the actual value of the car).

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Thanks for the reply.

Take it to Carmax see if you have equity.

Otherwise turn in the keys or buy and keep the car

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Price your car with 24K and with 15K and see your “added” value.

No. But if you buy another car from them, they may give you some “equity”.

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There is a very small chance you will have any equity. First, 24mo leases are almost always huge losses for lenders; especially with GM Financial’s aggressive RVs on that term. Your 9k of fewer miles would see about 7-12 cents per mile at auction. That amount has decreased quite a bit over the last 10 years as vehicles last longer.

Lenders price mileage overages much higher as a deterrent and risk backstop. They do charge much less on the front side if you choose a higher mileage lease the cost you pay is closer to the auction price per mile.