Returning lease to out of state dealer

I leased my car in PA about 400 miles from where I am in NJ. Will I have trouble returning to a dealer near me? I thought I could return anywhere and I found out that while I could, its possible they would reject the car.

Would I be screwed if everyone near me rejects, can’t force them to take it? worst case scenario I just drive it back not like its in CA but still would be annoying lol

I still have 11 months left but just wondering

No. They may whine a bit, but you should be fine.

I leased a car in OH, live in PA and returned it to VA.

Don’t ask, just do. Play dumb about it.

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Easier to ask for forgiveness…

No problem with this. Just did this myself the other month. Leased in NJ, returned in MN. No problem or hassle at all

yeah I won’t say anything besides I’m here to turn my lease in

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I had some push back returning a lease at my local dealer, but just pretended I was interested in leasing something there. Once there is a possibility of making a sale, they won’t say no. You might have to sit through sales jargon and meet the manager, but still better than driving for hours, right? Make sure all the return paperwork is complete before you say, “Pass” on their quote.