Returning a Jeep leased through Ally



So I have 2 jeeps in NY that I leased, one of them through Ally. After this ordeal I think I’ll never lease from Chrysler or through Ally ever again. Usually, the way I’ve been doing lease returns is we schedule an inspection through their inspection company, the vehicle gets inspected at a mutually agreed time and location a few weeks before we turn the car in and then we turn it in. Very straightforward and simple process.

With Ally they told me I need to:

  1. Take the car in to a ‘participating’ dealer for an odometer statement.
  2. Have the dealer arrange an inspection and come back to the dealership for the 2nd time.
  3. Turn the car in at the same dealership I inspected it.

So basically they want me to drive 3 times to the dealership, the first time being just for an odometer reading. Now, thats just an inconvenience. Its unorthodox to me but if thats their process I can live with it.

Here’s the challenging part: no dealership nearby (in the NYC area) wants to participate! Not even the dealership I leased the vehicle from. They cited how their lot is full and they have no duty to do it.

My only option is to leave the car at a dealership that would take it, get a receipt and have it inspected later. That sounds risky to me. I’m never going through Ally and likely will never lease a Jeep again if this is the way its going to be.