Return my car early?

Looking for some guidance.

I have 4 payments left on my 2016 GMC Terrain (goes back in March) of $290.

I will be in the market for something bigger and I’m looking at the Tiguan and the Grand Cherokee.

Seeing the great deals people are getting on GC’s it’s making me think I should eat the 4 payments ($32/mo on a 36mo lease) because of how good the deals are now. I think I can make it up in the savings on a new GC lease as opposed to waiting for March.

I know that nobody knows what will be available in March but the group here has a lot of knowledge and experience of how these deals stack up.

$32 a month is pretty hard to beat. For the cars you mentioned you’ll pay hundreds more per month.

I see Terrains in SoCal going for around $149 plus drive offs with a competitor lease.

You think in March I will be able to get within $32/mo of the offers on GCs now?

I’m not looking for a new Terrain, the wheel well kills the trunk.

He’s talking about rolling the remaining payments, not a $32/mo lease

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Try end of December and eat fewer payments

Thanks @max_g, you think I will still be able to lease a 2018 GC then?

There are 2017 GCs still sitting on lots. You should not have a problem leasing a 2018 GC in December.

I see that on other brand too. Wonder how dealer is going to get rid of 2017 when its almost 2019?

Don’t forget if you walk away from the GM lease you’ll have a $495 disposition fee plus tax tacked on to the balance of your payments. you’ll be paying about $45 bucks a month in new car payment just to take care of the old one so it might be better off waiting, if you can control your emotions.