Residual values for MB!

what would be the money factor and residual values for
2017 E300 and 2018 E300

Each of them for 10k/36month and 12k/36month

I asked two of the dealership through the phone and they kept told me to visit them
today or tomorrow and seems like they won’t tell me even though I visit them.

Thank you :slight_smile:

For 2017 loaner e300 I have been quoted 57% and 59% for 15k and 12k respectively.

The Edmunds forums always have the RV and MF, just search the car

Please spend 15 minutes of your own time to search the web (edmunds) before you come to ask for people to do your work.

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For MB new car loaner, is the milage cap 3K? I remember reading it on here. I’ve found 2 sweet 2017 e300 loaners but one has 12K miles(never titled) the other has 2760. Both are around 52k with an msrp of 62k and no dealer fee’s(or so they say). he’s working some numbers for me now…

I think if more than 5K miles can’t get dealer incentives