Residual & MF Master List



Although the “shared deals” forum is booming and super helpful, I suggest a running residual and MF list that is constantly updated by users. The list would help direct forum users as an index for where to begin hunting a good deal to create from-scratch.

Eventually, if many residuals and MF are shared, then it can be further sorted down by categories like manufacturers, or type etc…


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This basically exists on Edmunds. It’s hard to have a master list since the residuals and MF can change from month to month, can vary regionally, are different for different lease terms, and can be different for different trims.

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That’s why instead of having a static list, I am suggesting that it be a running list. A list constantly updated with posts by good Samaritan forum users - just like what is done in the “shared deals”.

Anyone that obtains a MF and residual and would want to share it, would thereby have a place to do so via a brief post on a thread made exclusively for it.


I think in theory it’s a great idea; however, people don’t always read posts in their entirety. Are you suggesting that it would be updated constantly and all outdated info would be deleted/hidden so as not to cause any confusion?


Every shared post should briefly share 5 items.
Make model, MF, residual, state. That’s it.

As for the outdated info, that will be understood due to the post’s date stamp. And as an intro to the thread, the moderator can pin something like explaining the purpose etc, which would thereby inform users that such info is updated regularly…

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There are several problems here, IMO, that make it just as easy (if not easier) to go to Edmunds…

  1. RV/MF changes based on term/mileage, as well as trim level of the car. Joe Blow wants a 24/10k term on a base model Ford and posts his numbers…that doesn’t help the guy who wants a loaded up 36/15.
  2. Location can also play into the numbers
  3. There are hundreds of cars out there. The posts would be a struggle to look through
  4. There once was a RV/MF board here. The end result…“Check Edmunds” was the answer most oftentimes given.

It just seems to be so much easier to just go to Edmunds and ask based on your situation, what you are looking for, than to post numbers here. I think you add a lot of confusion just posting numbers all over the place in the forum here.


You would need to start fresh every month.


A wiki post would best serve the purpose. The good Samaritan user can put his/her name on next to their edits so users know when the information was last updated.

However, like other users have pointed out, this would be a giant dynamic list that would require massive community effort to make effective. Maybe test it out to see how it works out?

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I wonder how hard it would be to scrap the Edumnds forums, would involve some NLP. I’ll start working on it and keep you guys updated!


Needs to be a group effort, I’m changing positions from sales pretty soon. I’m going start updating the BMW Wiki on a consistent basis.

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What are you changing to, if you don’t mind me asking?


Finance (2020220202020220)


Depending on the manufacturer it can get sticky. BMW it’s pretty simple because every cars shares the same MF and Residual is usually the same suit depending on the model (except for the dreaded M2) I think we need a wiki with minimum 3-4 people working on it, 1 per region at least so they can note what the difference is.


Usually there are only about a dozen or so cars that are continuously discussed here. Maybe starting off with those first to make it easier.


In the amount of time everyone took to discuss this thread, they could’ve simply gone to Edmunds and got the numbers they needed.

Who’s going to maintain the list?
What if they are incorrect, and they send everyone to the dealer with the wrong #s ?
Who is going to keep track of regional/trim/finance arm changes?


just out of curiosity, can you tell me the Edmunds link on this? Thanks!


It’ll be specific for each car. I just google “2018 car make and model MF” and the Edmunds thread for that car is usually the first or second result