Residual for '16 Volvo T8 Momentum?

Could you please provide residual and MF for 2016 XC90 t8 momentum. Also are there any incentives currently available?

2016 XC90 T8 Momentum
36/10K: 48% residual, .00089 MF
Targeted: $500 Volvo Loyalty

It’ll be one pricey rig.

Thanks Michael. I actually pulled a trigger on the car. Volvo has discontinued T8 Momentum for 2017 and as such dealers are offering huge incentives (where usually you are not getting more than 5%) i was able to negotiate $16000 + $4500 federal tax credit on the hybrid, which means that i was able to lease a $78000 xc90 for $850/mo. That includes TX tax, shipping from NC and $3000 i was upside down on my current car.
While i know that X5 40e can be leased for a bit less it really is not as nice of a car especially if you are after 3rd row seat and safety features like auto pilot. Plus Volvos actually maintain their value fairly well so chances are it will be worth more than 45% residual at the end of the lease for a nice trade in.

Anyhow, if someone is looking to get into XC90 you can get T8 hybrid for quite a bit less than comparable T6.

Cool, thanks for sharing!.If you want a plug-in hybrid with seven seats, XC90 is the only way to go. (X5 xDrive40e is a five seater only). Cool car to boot!

No, they don’t. Unfortunately.