Residual Calculator

I stumbled upon this link i my research that may be helpful for all of the hackrs out there. This is the Credit Union Leasing of America public-facing tool where you can look up the current RV on every vehicle out there:

Much easier than reading through the Edmunds forums!

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Nice idea although it is wrong. It does not seem to have the manufacturers residuals in there. Just tested it with the Hellcat and it is way way off.

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Yea, I tested on 2 cars and the residuals weren’t correct.

This website uses the RVs that specific Credit Unions use. CULA provides the RVs to the Credit Unions it signs up. You would need to find a dealer in a state that uses one of these credit unions to use the RVs from this company.


It looks like it is only for certain credit unions. My credit union was not an option to select in dropdown menu.

Looks like none of those CUs are in NY NJ area.

I will be the first to acknowledge that you all probably know way more about this than I do, but is the Edmunds forums still more accurate than this? Example, 2016 GMC Canyon SLE - if I search Edmunds forums the most recent update was from October 2016 and they said a SLE Crew 4x4 24/12 was 79% but on this tool it says 69% - that is a big spread!

@baggy Some are in NY: Bethpage, Visions and Hudson Valley.

@aellis This website is up to date but only contains the RVs that are applicable at the Credit Unions listed. So you have to live in an area where a specific Credit Union charter is and can sign up at a participating dealer or directly with the CU before you go to a participating dealer. If you live near one of those Credit Unions, your best bet is to contact them to make sure you can join, then ask them for a list of participating dealers. Some will have that list on their website but not all will.

The numbers quoted on Edmunds and here are almost always from the Captive, US Bank or Ally because those lenders have national lease programs. Credit Union lease program details are not widely known because not many Credit Unions are currently originating leases and the ones that do have a specific region that you have to live in to qualify for membership or some even require you to work for a certain company or municipal group.

The good news is that if you are able to join a credit union, they can offer you an attractive payment on several models that they are targeting. This is because their cost of funds are dramatically lower than the other lenders (they are pooling deposits form members to loan out in the form of leases). The standard Credit Union MF is often times much lower than a captive or 3rd party lender’s subvened MF. Meaning the Credit Union monthly payment includes a free incentive in the form of a lower interest rate (compared to another lender that has to allocate budget to buy the rate down to offer a similar payment).

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