Requesting a quote

…is the the worst thing one can do while contacting a dealer for the first time.
I see so many “I emailed and ask the dealer for a quote …” and then it gets posted in the “worst leases” thread
What do you guys expect? Dealers’ opinions are welcome :slightly_smiling_face:


What should you do in an email to the dealer? Ask the salesman how his day is going?

Tell them what discount/sales price you want.
What do you expect when you ask them for a quote? Give you 20% off off the bat?


In my opinion, the first quote from the dealership represent how they do business. Reasonable quote means that they try to earn your business. Worse quote means that you better stay away because they try to empty your wallet.
2 cent


Doesn’t mean anything, no one will give you anything close to hackr worthy quote in the first email. I got 20% off on a 330i after corresponding for about 2 months and going to the dealership and 2 emails after that.

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I try to get them to offer a price in my initial contact, so we at least have a ceiling to go from. I prefer not to tip my hand right away. I use it as a test almost. “Hello, I’d like to have a sales manager email me the current selling price before any rebates and incentives are applied on (insert vehicle or stock number here). Thanks in advance for your time.” If I get a number back from them, at least I have something to work with. If I get “When can you come in to talk?” I know that I should probably keep it moving.

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There are definitely different ways to go about it that may work. I’m just talking about asking for a quote in the first emal/phone call/visit. Never a good thing, IMO.

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I guess it’s because I am living in California which there are multiple dealerships within 30miles. That’s why first quote from dealership will affect my decision.

Well, I’m in DC area where there are multiple dealerships within 10 miles

I always ask for the first quote as an ice breaker then counter with my offer. Haven’t had any issues getting good deals. For the RX that we just leased the initial quote I received from one of the dealers was actually very competitive. The problem is that some people here actually believe the first quote.

What is considered silly to you would be considered reasonable to someone else. Dealer doesn’t know you from Adam…not hard to believe they might try and lowball.

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So how much “hard work” from the “Internet Fleet Sales Manager World Class Customer Service Provider” goes into getting a quote. I’m assuming they make it sound more difficult than it actually is to make you feel bad about shopping around? Some places actually wont quote because of this.

Taking a phone call from a prospective buyer is considered work for them. Any lead could potentially be a sale. Anytime that lead goes to a competitor, that’s lost business.

It’s not so much “hard work” as much as the loss for potential business.

I’ve got 5 dealers in the area, 4 dealers “work” to get me a quote via email, the fifth dealer refuses to quote via email or phone because they really want me to come in and get this super special price that only they can offer in person. Why would they think that I would do that when I have 4 other dealers willing to work with me via email/phone?

Who cares about the fifth guy? Move on.


Think about it. If you physically go to the dealer several factors come into play… You are now more willing ot take something they have because you’ve already expended the energy to go to the dealer. They can now lie straight to your face to convince you to buy one of their cars. You can grow an emotional attachment to the vehicle you test drive or look at. You showing up also leads them on to believe you’re actually a serious buyer.

The fifth dealer doesn’t matter if you have 4 other dealers giving you quotes as requested. It becomes a moot point and not worth energy.

I understand why the salesperson would want me to come in, I guess I just don’t understand why they think refusing to quote me anything will convince me to expend my energy to go over there.

I have to got to believe the other dealers have thousands of virtual tire kickers asking for quotes via email, but even with a “low” conversion rate to sales, “low” x thousands still sounds pretty good.

Anyways, just curious as to why some dealers refuse, especially to us Millennials that only have so much energy to give.

It’s just not worth the energy to care. You’ve got options willing to play ball.

It is tempting to think that they will give an amazing quote if you go in. I was tempted in the past and maybe even fell for it once or twice. But these "special " quotes aren’t any better and usually worse because you are already there. But it takes experience to ignore those dealers. I think human nature has us worried that we will miss out on this amazing special deal that we can only get in person.

You’re wasting too much time and energy thinking about it. Dump the 5th dealer and work with the 4 others.

If a dealer wants me to come in, I tell them to quote me via email. If they won’t and still insist on me coming in, they lost my business. Plenty of fish out there.

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