Replies not showing up correctly

Is it only me or happens to other users as well? Almost every time i reply to someone in a thread it post like a regular comment… does not show that i replied to someone specific…

testing now

yes. it doesn’t show a i replied to you. But it was working an hour ago, when I replied to @jananth1 :slight_smile:

Exactly it’s annoying because I’ve been deleting and reposting replies just to show it correctly

Happened again

When you’re replying to the last post in the thread, it doesn’t show the arrow


See now? Ofc you can always make it very obvious by quoting or tagging the person you’re replying to


Replied to mani but posted as regular comment

showed on the second one that you posted because it wasnt directly under my post. (your previous post was in between) case solved :joy: Here comes the MAX HAMMER to lock down hahah

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If i can just click the arrow and reply why do i have to quote its just a bug… because it works sometimes and sometimes it doesn’t

You can’t see it, only others. Try an incognito tab

Test test test 1 2 3

Look at his comment im pretty sure he replied to someone but it posted as a general comment

Trying again another test, replying to your second post

Same happening to you as well

Looks like it does that on the initial post, when i replied to the second one your name shows up

What is so hard to understand? When you posted the above, @mani_is_kool‘s post was the last post in the thread.

And who cares who Electric was replying to? It could just as easily have been a general comment not directed at any one person

Exactly its bit of confusing

Just trying to raise a bug here thats all

I’ve noticed this before but just ignore it. You can always use @Sharif if you really want to direct something

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