Reginonal Tacoma Lease Offer


In the process of leasing my first truck. I saw a regional offer in my area (MT) that entails a 2019 Tacoma Model 7544 for $299 a month for 36 months. $3299 due at signing. $0 security deposit. Adjusted capitalized cost is $33425. Total MSRP is $37758. Lease-end purchase option is $27941. After viewing multiple threads on this forum, it seems there are better deals to be had. Could anyone offer any guidance on if it’s possible to get a better deal for this particular truck in my area? My credit score is hovering around 800.

Any help would be appreciated.

IS this a TRD sport or offroad? Plug numbrs into calculator and I think you will see that you depreciation is only 6k yet they are making you pay 13k for the lease. So ask them for Money Factor, they are probably killing you there. 299 with minimum driveoffs would be a good deal…

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Thank you for your response. I’m assuming its a TRD offroad , this particular model if I’m not mistaken.

This is the Offer Regional offer listed on Toyota
Toyota Regional Offer

Sir, the regional offers are for people who pay sticker. You can negotiate a much better deal in person…
Where are you located MT or MA?

Bozeman, Montana

This is a particular truck that I’m interested in that’s near by. It also happens to be the cheapest vehicle with the options I want in my area. I emailed the sales rep, who stated it would be $305.00 a month with $3299 down. I was a little surprised since my credit score is excellent 790-800 range.

Tacoma TRD Offroad.

Not quite sticker. Most of the deals are $300-500 over invoice.

Is it typical for Toyota Finance or a 3rd party bank to be cheaper then another? I read the fine print on one of these dealerships and the offer was a credit score of 800 or above? I thought that seemed fairly high.

I got a reply back from a different dealer in Utah for a 2019 Tacoma TRD Double Cab 4x4 for 12k/3yrs. The MSRP is $37,357, Selling price is $34,266. The money factor is .00260. An attached spreadsheet shows $360-370 a month with a 1k down and $297-307 for with 3K.

The Residual Value is $28,688.