Refund on Deposit?


If I put a deposit on a BMW vehicle at a NY dealership, how do I get my deposit back if I no longer want that car they put on hold for me that was being imported?
I really do not remember what I signed, it was about a 1 page document, stating the monthly lease price and downpayment of the car/lease, also stating that the down payment would be $500 less due to the $500 deposit, etc. I only received a copy of the credit card receipt for $500.
I also signed the credit card receipt. How may I get the deposit back?
Thank you!

Have you actually asked the dealer to refund the deposit?


Ask for a refund, if they don’t want to give it, just dispute the charge with the credit card company

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Yes, the Credit Card won’t give me a refund either, since I signed for it and it was an agreement…
What is a good excuse please? :slight_smile:

Is it a refundable or non-refundable deposit? That should answer your question pretty simply.


You never answered the initial response — have you actually tried asking the dealer to refund the deposit?

Try asking sir

You were abducted by aliens who forced you to sign.


If you’re SOL with your credit card company, who are you going to provide this excuse?

More first world problems

This whole forum is the first world problems. :grinning: