Recall on ‘22 GC 4xe?


Got a deal agreed to last night with a dealer in South FL. ‘22 GC 4xe $510 a month, $1200 DAS. 64k MSRP. Everything was in text with the salesman.

Today I kept asking for a worksheet before I make the hour drive. He kept saying they are busy but would get it to me asap or I could just come in. I said I would come in as soon as they send the worksheet reflecting the numbers they agreed to via text.

An hour later they texted me saying they can’t sell the car due to a recall on ‘22 GC 4xes. Is this legit or shady dealer behavior?

According to there are no recalls for the 2022 GC4xE

There was a steering recall for some of the gcs just announced.

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I stand corrected.

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Thanks all. Go figure, after 7 weeks of trying to get a deal, a recall hits the day I finally lock one in lol.

Well, better now than when your driving and cant steer. Im pretty sure that would be a problem.


That CR article says it’s for the gas GC. Try punching the 4xe VIN into the NHTSA’s site to see if it’s affected

I own a 2022 GC 4XE Base model, and i entered the VIN into the NHTSA recall site and it found 1 recall that is about 1 week old…

May 18,2023

Manufacturer Recall Number58A

NHTSA Recall Number23V-352

Recall Status Recall Incomplete

SummaryAn incorrectly assembled intermediate shaft may potentially disconnect from the u-joint.

Safety RiskA disconnected intermediate shaft may result in a loss of steering control which can cause a vehicle crash without prior warning.

RemedyFCA US will conduct a voluntary safety recall on all affected vehicles to inspect and, if necessary, replace the intermediate shaft and assembly parts.

I am in exactly the same situation. Been dealing with multiple dealers in StL, found a ‘22 Overland, and he said oops, sorry…can I get a deposit if I send you the numbers, don’t know when we can deliver… :woozy_face:

Yup same. Mine offered to give me a loaner in the meantime. I may take it if they cave a bit more on the pricing.

Any reason I shouldn’t? I kind of need a car this weekend.

I wouldnt stress over the recall holdup

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