Rebate Question

Hi All,

I am working with a dealer who provided me with the following breakdown of the “due at signing” amount.

1st month payment: 586.67
Fees $ Insurance: 665.00
Up front Taxes: 43.73
Cap Reduction: 204.60

Total: 1,500 (Total Inception Fees)

Then they added $500 (Rebate as Cap Reduction) then told me that final drive off will be $2000.

I was bit confused by the fact that they are trying to pass down the cost of the rebate to me, the customer.
So I asked if this was a mistake and the response was

“All manufacturer rebates with Audi are used as cap reduction and will show in total of out of pockets.”

Can someone tell me if this is true?

Thanks in Advance!


The drive off will be 2k but cash due from customer will be 1500. (the balance being the rebate)

But of course, this being Audi, they may actually get you to pay the rebate and the 3k Audi care and 5k Wheels package,

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It is very common, you can have it rolled into the lease if you like, it just means you are effectively doing a CCR for the amount of the rebate.

I just don’t understand why they are calling it a rebate? From everything I read, rebates from the manufacturer should just be deducted from the cap cost. It looks like it’s a cap reduction too me.

I see what you are saying, your deal does seem a little odd, in my case I paid $1000 as CCR to bring my drive off back to the original $1900 from $900. This then meant i had an extra $1000 in CCR to bring the monthly down.

Yours seems like it should be $1000 drive off after the rebate and if you want the rebate to go into the lease then a $500 ccr to bring the drive off back to the $1500.

I would ask them to explain it all and get them to give you a screenshot of their lease calculator.

I totally understand what you are saying. It’s always better to be on the safe side and check and double check the numbers right?

I found a few “mistakes” on the lease calculation in addition to this one, hence the post.

Can you really ask them for a screenshot?

Oh yes, you can totally ask. They are customer facing screens so they don’t show any profit margins etc. If you were in the dealer you would be looking at the screen with the finance person. They are the same numbers that would be printed on your finance document.

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Good to know! Thanks for your responses!