Rebate question for bmw


Are rebates apply after discount or included in a discount?

Say for example looking at a car for msrp $58,495 and net selling price AFTER rebate ($3250) is $53,200.

Does this mean the dealer is only giving me a discount of 5%?

Plz help.


It’s after the discount, the rebates are taxable.

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So in that scenario, I mention above the dealer is using rebate towards a discount…

No, in this case the dealer is only giving a discount of 3.5%

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53200 + 3250 = 56450

56450/58495 = 96.5%

As @mllcb42 said- 3.5%


OMG! math! Crazy!


I’m pretty good with division. Just wanted to show my stuff

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