Reasonable offer for a 540i

I am planning to make an offer for an in-stock '19 540i in the last week of June to ride the end-of-quarter frenzy. This is an AutoNation dealership in Bay Area and they do not typically negotiate on the (marked-up) MF. Do you think 12% off MSRP will be a reasonable offer, given that MF will be marked up to the max?

Please chime in.

Look up the vin to see how long it’s been sitting and report back, also don’t give up on pressing for buy rate; at max markup this adds 10% to the monthly payment easily.

BVZine says build date is March 9th. Can you suggest any other website to find age of the car on dealer’s lot?

I cannot find any info about this particular 540i in unfortunately. Nothing in AutoTrader as well. :frowning_face:

Search the vin? You can see when first posted for sale but if build date in fact is March then 13% before rebates may be as good as it gets… Try for 15 though and see where you get.

[Re-posting here since another thread I created for this topic was closed.]

The best offer I have received for a 2019 540i is the following.

Location: SF Bay Area
MSRP: $68190
Discount before rebate: $8000
Lease rebate: $5500
Residual: 59% for 36/12
MF: 0.00205 (dealership will not negotiate on marked up MF)

DAS: $2000
Payment: $632 + tax; $605 after applying CCA rebate

Please share your opinion, feedback etc.

Goto socal or ask any of the brokers on this site. Shipping would be $400ish, or u can just buy a $35 ticket and fly to pick the car. I’ve given up buying cars in norcal for years now and just do from the LA market.