Realities of leasing German cars

  • You can feel confident about underbuying miles because inevitably you’ll spend 10% of the term in loaners.
  • People actively cut you off.
  • They also try to bait you into being the rabbit.

I still don’t get why BMW doesn’t provide a Turn Signal Manual with its cars. I feel for the owners.


Cup holders will also suck and be too small. I can’t use my cup holders and the armrest in a comfortable position on my Q5. Genius, pure genius.


I had this happen a couple of weeks ago.

Guy in his 70s driving a 1990s-era Buick Freightmaster shook his fist at me and tried to cut me off.

Took just a few seconds before I could no longer hear his horn behind me in the distance.


I should add that I was driving like an asshole.


I think I’ve started using my signal less because of all the aholes trying to cut me off, it’s a vicious cycle


You were driving a German car… this is a given.

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Hello, I’m not going to pussyfoot around with 445 horsepower.


Oh that’s right. You have 750i… 2020 has 15% more power but awful huge grille to go along…

I tried to talk myself into a 740 but I just couldn’t do it. Also a no on the 2020 750. If I wanted a four-digit lease payment I would have gotten a Panamera.

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2020 isn’t worth the extra money especially with that snout. I suppose if it could sniff out truffles it’d be worth it…

Nah, truffles are cheaper.

Since the original post outlines heavy use of loaners and demos. I think I’ll list the BMW models I’ve had wheel time with long enough to give good feedback on.


As someone who loves gadgets and such, my favorites have been the G20 3, and G05 X5 thus far but as a driver the x40i cars (all in ///M) trims have been nothing short of rewarding when it comes to spirited driving (even if it’s just dodging rock haulers to keep our paper thin windscreens from cracking)

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Could not agree more

What is the difference between a porcupine and a BMW?

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The porcupine has its pricks on the outside.


This afternoon I followed a Grand Cherokee on the freeway for close to a mile, and in that distance he hadn’t managed to hit the speed limit.

I saw an opening so I punched it and went around him in about a nanosecond, then slowed back down to 75.

Less than a mile later he was coming up behind me at about 100 mph. He swerved around me on the left and then cut about two feet in front of me to take the exit on the right.

Then he gave me the :fu: .

Jealousy is wonderful.

One thing that really chaps my ass lately (BMW windscreens are incredibly brittle so this is a sore point): Rock haulers that insist on riding the hammer lane. Go away!!!