Ready to Lease another QX50 in FL


Hi everyone! Plan on going to the dealer today to lease my fourth QX50 essential. I have a VPP code. Any additional fees I should look to be waived or negotiated? My current 2019 QX50 Essential lease (12,000 miles) is up in 10 months so I’m retiring this lease early. My current payment is $479. with minimum down and hoping to keep the same or similar payment.
Any thoughts? Thank you for weighing in!

Have you worked out what your target price is for the specific vehicle you’re looking at based on the current programs and market conditions?

If the answer is no, do not go to the dealer until you have.

Then prepare for some price shock. It won’t be anywhere near that payment now. Also, if you’re returning a 2019 essential early, unless it’s super low mileage, it has no equity, so any negative equity would be rolled into your new lease.

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Yes under $500. per month. I have asked for current MF, residual. Finance manager has not sent those numbers to me. I try to do as much over the phone/email before I step foot into a dealer. They said the VPP knocks off $1250. however I know you can get as much as $1500. off.

Thank you! If I don’t like the numbers I’ll just hold on to my car.

If you don’t yet have the rv/mf/incentives (which you should be getting from edmunds, not the dealer), then there’s no way for you to have already set a target price, unless you’re just pulling numbers out of thin air.

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it’s not a $500/month car, unless it’s discounted nicely and there are full MSD on it, even with lease loyalty and vpp.

Thanks for the info! I’ve gone on Edmunds twice but cannot figure out how to pull up the MF for the Infiniti QX50.

Having current, accurate information for residual value, money factor, and incentives is important in understanding your deal. As such, going directly to a source that has access to that data from the captive banks is your best option. The forums at Edmunds are where we go to get that information, as they have direct access to it from the captive banks. You’ll want to post in the model specific thread for the vehicle you’re interested in and request the most current numbers for your zip code. It is often easiest to find that thread by searching Google for “Edmunds lease” followed by the model of vehicle you’re interested in.

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Don’t…dealers are holding onto as much gross as possible right now and Infiniti has consistently brought down lease cash in the Northeast since April.

Hold on to your $479 payment for now. Also, programs change tomorrow, today is the “end of July” for Infinitiland.

Also, since you have a 2019 Essential, it’s probably closer to a 2021 Sensory when it comes to options.


Thank you! I truly appreciate all the advice.

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Thank you for this!

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