Re-Lease question

Don’t focus too much on the left over mileage… in reality it’s worth a lot less than you think… probably a $500-$1000.

If you drive limited mileage and want to avoid upfront fees, check out swapalease. You could get a deal on a car with only 500 miles per month which should work for you while asking for a significant incentive.

Hey guys, I called BMWFS, they offer courtesy 2-month extension to any customer who needs it, four more months if you have proof of purchase/lease on another new vehicle but no more than that. They did offer to discount the car by $4000 if I wanted to purchase it. I also called two local dealers to see if they could do another lease but they both said they could not. So there you have it. Thanks all for your tips and pointer, much appreciated.


That is interesting. The conventional wisdom here is that BMWFS and other captives will never discount the residual price. I wonder why they made an exception for you.

Likely because they are so underwater, they want to avoid auction fees and low auction price while still getting a fair sales price from customer. It is quite rare indeed, however.

Not sure if they made an exception or it’s their new policy?

You can look for a late leased 330ix lease take over maybe? It would give you another 12-15 months probably.

Yes, forgot to mention that was one of the thing that BMWFS rep mentioned, he even gave me a couple of websites for lease swaps, very helpful person!