RDX vs RX350 comparison

If the lease terms were exactly the same, does anyone have experience with a base RDX versus a base RX350?

In terms of payment? Or car? Cuz they are different animals

@BSANDERS the payments I was offered on both cars are almost identical. I’m trying to decide side-by-side comparisons about which is a better car, but they both seem about equal on everything. I’m leaning toward the RX350 because it takes regular gas versus the RDX which takes premium.

If you got same payment on both your either stealing the Lexus or overpaying for the acura.
The Lexus is a much better product in my humble opinion but the RDX should be much cheaper right now then the LEXUS. Roughly $100 less per month right now.

Honestly, I would rather get a loaded cheaper car than a stripped down, basic luxury car. I’ve had Audi Premium vs Audi Premium + with all the features and it’s a completely different experience - only case where a basic car would be ok would be a sports car/manual transmission or a work type car (pickup/van).

And, IMHO, if you are really concerned about have to pony up for an additional $150/year for premium gas, then you should reevaluate your purchase!

@manku I’m comparing the same level RDX versus RX350, which is why I think it makes more sense to go with the RX350. The models I’m considering have the exact same features, except for fuel.