Rc300 deal help

was able to negotiate 15% off msrp on an rc300, they gave me the following numbers.

msrp 44130
sale price 37500
mf 0.00001
rv 52%
dealer fee 799
bank fee 795
tax is 7.5%

they are quoting me $496 a month plus tax with just first month down. when i put this in the calculator i get $475 before taxes with zero drive off checked.

am i doing something wrong?

also i asked if this included incentives and was told no, that i could either get 15% off or the incentives but that both would be too much. originally they only wanted to go as high as 12% but i have leased multiple cars from them in the past so they raised it. any suggestions?

Ask for the lease worksheet so you can see exactly how the deal is structured.

also im in south florida if that helps

Anyone hunting for a rc350 awd I’m keeping my eyes open I think December to remember is best