RAV4 prime PHEV lease and buy out


Have you called TFS to buyout through them?

Haven’t called TFS yet, but I will when they open on Monday. My question is will Toyota, whether through TFS or otherwise force me to do the transaction through a Maryland dealer and pay the dealer’s $800 doc fee. This was apparently the
case with NC Dog lover.

There are some states that require the buyout to go through a dealer. Maryland may be one of them. If it is, your lease contract will stipulate what dealer fees can be added on the buyout. They can not legally charge you for a fee that is not listed in your lease contract.

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Above is a quote from paragraph 32 of the TFS lease document. “documentary fees charged in connection with purchase of the vehicle” is what dealer is hanging their hat on, but the specific amount of those “documentary fees” is not specified in the lease. Does that make it illegal for the dealer to charge such fee? And in any event, why would I even have to go through the dealer to buy out the lease? I would think I’m done with the dealer at this point, and the lease buyout transaction is just between me and TFS, the current owner/lessor of the vehicle.

Yes, that allows them to charge the doc fee.

As mentioned above, there are some states that require the buyout to go through a dealer due to state laws. Maryland may be one of those states. If they are, and TFS themselves don’t have a dealer’s license, you’ll have to go through a dealer. Doesn’t mean you’d have to use this dealer though.

Unless the state that you live in has a law regarding it; you should be able to directly buyout from TFS without involving a dealer. That is the case for MA; unsure about other states.