Rav4 Prime - Are good deals possible?

I’m trying to get a decent deal on a Rav4 Prime XSE, but these cars are in such short supply dealers are getting premiums for as much as 10k above MSRP. I just got a lease quote of $3k down and over $900/mo, even with a MF of 0.001010 (residual $29,400). This seems crazy expensive to me. Anyone know of how to do better?

The answer is in the question: unlikely

No way possible.

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Too bad GM didn’t make the Volt into a CUV/small SUV. It would have sold much better I think.

Thanks to you’all for responding. Next is a question about Hope. Any educated guesses when Toyota will send us enough Rav4 Primes to meet the demand? In other words, how long will I have to wait to get one for MSRP? Whose got a crystal ball?

Not for years. If you really want that exact car you’ll have to join the waitlist and pay the price. It’s that way across the country.

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Look at a different car, this one isn’t hackable

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Bummer! One last question. The MF is the only incentive that Toyota is offering of this rare gem of a car. The residual they’re offering is $29,400, which is almost a $30k drop in only 3 years. I’ve never leased before but I assume that I want that residual to be as high as possible. In practice, is the residual negotiable?

No, it is not. It’s set by the bank.

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Definitely spend time reading the LH101 before you do

Correct. In general: gas cars > gas hybrid > phev > ev when it comes to RV

It’s the one thing that is absolutely not negotiable

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That is all-electric. I get that the market is going to 100% BEVs, but I think there is still a short-term opportunity for the PHEV like the Volt with ~50 miles of all-electric range. The RAV4 Prime is an example, but it would great to have a GM product like that because they are so hackable. :smile:

Thank-you, guys for chiming in with your hacking experience. If I decide to swallow hard and take it I will at least know that I couldn’t do better. Much obliged!

Why would you want a $900 rav4? There’s nothing special about

What’s special about it is it’s a plug-in with above 40 miles on the electric motor. No other PHEV has that kind of range at the moment. More are in the works but it’s unclear to me when another PHEV of similar range and quality will come to market in the US.

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Nothing special about it :rofl: name another car from any brand that has the same capabilities. I am waiting …

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Given how cheap gas is right now and the silly premium on this PHEV version, you’re much better off with a RAV4 hybrid or any fairly efficient ICE mid-size SUV.

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Which buys you what? The break even point on fuel savings is non-existent when it comes to a lease. If you want the electric mileage, there are plenty of less expensive evs.


Would You able to explain the reason for paying approx. $400/m more for 10 additional miles on electric? This is Your money but i would find better way to spend $400/m

100% true - and most never do the math. This was my last hybrid lease, all in CA:

Yes gas was cheaper, yes I got better mileage, nowhere close to paying the hybrid premium (thankfully trunk money did)

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