RAV4 or Tiguan against X3 and GLC

How does that work with a lease?

I think @Parth_Bharwad meant 90+ mph.

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Ahhhh makes sense.

Actually I did mean 90 miles and in reality it’s more like 105 (Bay Area to SF). But where I misspoke was it’s not everyday - I go 2-3 times a week. Perks of being self employed. I meant to say I drive the car everyday (no second car).

I am looking for a second commuter car right now since I’m already over miles 2 weeks into owning my car lol

got an updated offer from vw dealer
2019 Volkswagen Tiguan sel premium

MSRP $40,339
425/mo with tax (initially 445)
1440 due

Which somewhat equals it with best Toyota offer (375 all in but 3300 deposit)

Tiggy motor is just slow. No comparison to RAV. Trans is not the smoothest either. But the ride handling and interior is so German. Depends on what you want. We chose the Tiggy S because 212/mo for 2/24. Also, slow is perfect for the kids. SEL is quite pricey. Not worth leasing. Certainly not hackable today.

I think you should consider R-line, it’s so beautiful on all Volkswagens. Amazing body kit!

What’s the discount off MSRP, base MF, residual, and incentives? Hard to say if the deal is good without this info.

OP have you checked out the Mazda CX5? The interior is pretty nice, they now have niceties like carplay and ALL the safety stuff and although I’ve only driven the base (and I felt, underpowered engine) - I’ve heard and read the turbo version is pretty good. Might be a nice compromise between a RAV4 and an X3?

Check out a highlander xle