RAV4 or Tiguan against X3 and GLC


We’re looking at versatile, compact SUV and selecting between RAV4 Adventure or Tiguan SEL Premium. RAV4 is a great unassuming car, but feels a little bit cheap inside (the sound/climate handles have non-existing tactile response). The trunk takes forever to open. And few other little things that I image may become annoying during everyday car use. Leases ok - 370/mo all in with 3k security deposit.

Tiguan feels better inside, but has to go up to SEL premium to have real leather seats. All other trims have nasty vinyl. Could tolerate like in totyota if it had ventilation option. And the lease is pretty expensive: ~450/mo 12k w tax all in.

There are demo GLCs just under 500, X3 in 450-470 but those are basic trims without any options. While toyota/rav4 have active cruise and lane departure for example.

So what would the real leasehackrs do? I guess they find a great deal on higher brand? However I don’t want to spend too much time chasing great deals. And the same time 450+ for Tiguan feels like little too much. Decisions, decisions.

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What do you value more?

Tech features (think Apple carplay, Lane keeping assist) or creature comforts (think luxury materials, dashboard stitching)?

Well equipped lower end car for the former, basic luxury car for the latter. (Of course if you increased your budget, you can have both)

Some possible Midway compromises that are leasing well right now: Acura MDX, infiniti QX50

Do a survey of marketplace threads, for example: HN308's July Infiniti Deals - 2019 QX50 @292/mth, QX30 @269/mth QX60 Pure $325/mth + drive off and MSD - VPP required

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Where are you getting your lease pricing from in NJ? There are two high volume Toyota brokers here in the NorthEast that can put you in a top level Rav4 for far less than the $370/mo w/ $3k security deposit.

I feel the same for your Tiguan and X3 pricing, seems like you can do far better on both of those.

You can get a Lexus NX for RAV4 money.

Or an RDX Advance, all tech and comfort. Lease deals going on.

We haven’t looked at it. Does it have same space at least as X3 (not to mention rav4)?

Thanks, maybe RDX can be added. I tested it briefly, got impression its trying to be at german’s level but can’t get there yet.

You’re correct, rav4 top level priced this way, no issues there even though security deposit required. But Tiguan sel premium at 450 - which is getting close to X3, GLC etc.

Cargo space is smaller for sure on the NX.

If you like driving, get an X3.
If you like driving slow, get a Tiguan.
If you don’t like driving, get a RAV4 - practically drives for you with standard ACC and LKAS.

But… if you want to be a leasehakr, find a GLC350e loaner and hack that mf for $300/mo.


Lol yeah, the leasehackr way unfortunately the wife is not entertaining the idea too much

Hertz gave me a RAV4 recently. This car is for people who don’t like themselves.


Savage :eyes:

After having the X3 for 2 days (X5 in repair for rims/hood) - I can say with confidence it’s not a fun car to drive. It’s a BWM only by name and badge, not the “ultimate driving experience” lol

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This is supposed to be everyday-family-car, doesn’t have to be sporty, stiff or anything like that

Ha! We chose rav4 on parking at hertz among others brands - it looked the largest inside. Then after cruising around Baja Cali with whole family on dusty roads, surprisingly everybody agreed it wasn’t a bad car at all.

Let me rephrase. I don’t think this car is worth it just to say you’re driving a BMW. Atleast with other brands you get more tech/comfort and you sacrifice the BMW badge. Granted I was driving what I suspect is a base model X3 but still…

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Really? Because I feel like the X3 handles better than the X5 and seemed more stable at high speed.

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Hmm I didn’t feel that. The X5 seems pretty dang good to me and I drive 90+ miles on highway everyday.

I think I may be biased towards powerful engines which made the entire X3 experience underwhelming.

Try the M40i.

I will say though I do like the new X5 a lot.

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Only reason I didn’t buy m40i is because previous gen interior and I love virtual cockpit

My cousin has the m40i…it’s insane