Rav4 Limited Hybrid VS Lincoln MKC Base?

I got a general quote from the nearby Toyota dealership. The 2017 Rav4 limited hybrid’s sales price is ~$35k. Lease quote is $399 and $2k down 36/12. Comes with all the bells and whistles I probably don’t need.

Also, the nearby Lincoln dealership across the street from the Toyota dealership gave me a quote for a 2017 MKC (sales price also at ~$35k) for $250 and $2k down, 36/12. The vehicle is AWD and comes standard with heated seats & dual AC.

BTW this is in NJ

I test drove both, and I did find the MKC was more comfortable on the road. My top priority though is the deal itself. Which deal do you think is better overall?

The Lincoln deal sounds intriguing. Is it $2k out of pocket or $2k down. If you can post msrp, mf, rv, incentives, mileage allowance and fees - you should get more helpful feedback.