Rav4 dealio questions

This is such a great forum

Here I go:

I’m trying to get a good deal on a Rav4 xle or se

MSRP is $30,577
I was originally quoted $289 including taxes
$450 due at signing
15000 miles year for 36 months
0.0000001 mf
residual was ~62%

Then I told them about the research Ive been doing and also informed them that I found out that I get a recent college grad rebate and asked them to match a deal I found on this forum and they didnt match but lowered the price to $239/month with $350 due at signing. I noticed they also lowered the miles to 12k in that offer (insulting my intelligence in the process, probably assuming I’d just look at the price). Anyways, how’s it looking so far? I know I can do better than this. Any tips?


I’m in Michigan.



If you’re willing to pay to ship a Rav4, take a look at this post. I see Rav4 XLE AWD for $240/mo