RAV4 2017 XLE AWD Lease/buy

Can you pl comment on the quote from a upstate NY dealer for 2017 RAV4 XLE AWD with sunroof.
Base Price $29843. Dealer discount $972.
a. Lease (no down except 1st payment + DMV fee): $259 pm (valid “today”). Residual - 19390. MF - 0.00045 (3 Years, 10k miles)
b. Buy with $2000 down: $540 for 60 months.

Which one of these make sense? Is lease good value?

Not a bad opening deal but the discount is puny (1k). Push for 3k dealer discount. For each extra 1k discount you get, you will see a $25-30 reduction in payment. I think 200-220 month and you can go and sign today.

it sounds so expensive, my rav4 hybrid was like 3k cheaper, i would wait