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Not sure if anyone can help me here. I’m trying to post but it won’t let me. I’m looking to get into a 2021 rav 4 xle - the dealer is quoting $325 a month/ 39 months no cap costs but I would pay taxes, bank fee $650 etc for a total of $2,300- this is in NY so 4 percent tax on total cost of car. I don’t fully understand the money factor etc stuff but the price per month seems solid?

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Thanks. If anyone can help me I’d appreciate it. My 2018 rav 4 xle was $316 a month and has 5 payments left - they bought it outright using the payoff amount and I guess flipped it to someone.

Best bet is to step back from talking to dealers until you have a better understanding of how leasing works. There’s a great leasing101 at the top of the page to get you started.

You want to know what a good deal is before ever talking numbers with a dealer.

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That doesn’t sound right. It’s on the total cost of the lease and the rate is 7-8.875%

Varies by county. Check on the official DMV website, the .gov one.

@KSoks1983 As a new member the forum requires a certain amount of reading before posting a question. Recommend you read Leasing 101 in the main page to understand the “mf stuff”. Also heavily recommended is to check the “Share Deals section on the forum and use the search function for other recent deals on the particular car you are targeting.

Check out the “Marketplace” and do a similar search so you get an idea of what is possible on your target vehicle from dealers and brokers on the forum.

Make sure to go to Edmunds and request the RV & MF for your target vehicle in your zip code as well as any incentives.

ALL of this info is needed before talking to a dealer, and then use the LH calculator to determine what deal you should see if the dealer is willing to do.

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Thanks everyone.
00196 MF and 67% residual
$500 lease cash

Sorry it all cut off
00196 MF and 67% residual
$500 lease cash
$329 a month for 39 months
They are asking for the $650 bank fee $1,200 taxes and first month up front. I’m considering rolling in the the taxes and fee.
My current car is 2018 xle $316 a month with 5 payments left which they are buying the car used to re sell. So I will be out of that lease.

Any thoughts?

Have you gotten purchase quotes from carvana/shift/vroom/etc and compared them to your current buy out?

Carvana said $17,052. My payoff is $18,252

What is the selling price? What das are they asking?

The selling price of the car is $30727 - $325 a month 39 months. They are asking for $2323.97 for taxes and bank fee etc (see below) no additional cash. Do you think this is a good price on the xle all wheel drive rav 4?

What is the msrp of the vehicle? We need to work out what the discount amount is.

Keep in mind that monthly/das is the output of the leasing equation and is very dependent on individual situations. It’s very difficult to judge a deal on that information alone, without a lot of effort back calculating. The inputs into the equation are much more telling.