Rate this lease 2018 A5 Audi Coupe

First time ever leasing looked at different forums read so much so I am hoping I was able to get a good deal.

2018 A5 Coupe
MSRP 52710
Selling price 44700
Money factor .00105
No money down only what’s due at signing

It has premium plus, navigation, 19 inch wheel package

597 a month with tax and fees

Residual is 47% so 24700

Update your title to include at least make, model and year

Will do thanks

Starting to look good. Any ideas what it would look like on 36 months?

Around 618 they said MF is .0085

So how much DAS?

2200 DAS and my tax rate is 9.5% which hurts to lol

Hopefully there’s a 0 missing, otherwise that’s outrageous

Personally I would do 36 and stay within the warranty m. 42 months is just giving you the illusion of a lower payment.


Do you really need the coupe? You can get the A4 sedan probably around $500 with $0DAS. Even lower if you don’t care about Quattro.

Warranty is 48 months tho but true on the payment

The DAS is just the registration first month etc. no down

No, it’s $2,200 down. I literally put $0 down when I leased an Audi last month. I will only make 38 payments and nothing else. You should structure it that way, as well.

There’s zero possibility to get a “good deal” on a car with 47 RV and no incentives.