Rate this deal - 2019 QX50 Luxe - $395 / month 12k/39 month

Hello everyone, wanted to get your high level perspective on this lease, i am still waiting on the exact details, but just over the phone i was able to get the following:

2019 QX50 Luxe AWD - heated seats + navigation
Registered Zip: 07960 (NJ)
MSRP: $43,745
Selling price: $36,055
Residual: 53%
MF - .00229
Doc: 598
First month: 450
Down payment tax: 120.76
Registration: 401
tire: 7.50
supplement title: 144
online registration: 9.5
Bank fee: 700
Tax: ~1200 (i forgot exactly)
DAS: ~2400
MSD: $4,500 (9 x $500)
Term: 12k miles / 39 months
Monthly: $395

I am waiting for the dealer to call me back to take a refundable deposit, and to give me the residual and MF values. but at a high level, does this look accurate? He initially quoted me $468

Also, is he legit about the deposit being refundable? I know dealers arent in the business of getting money and returning it haha.

bump. thoughts?

Doesn’t seem very good based on this broker deal available in the northeast… @HN308 always has strong Infiniti deals so good reference point. Please also stop posting duplicate threads on the same deal.