Rate my lease quote: Toyota Tundra SR5 thru Ally & TFS

LH please rate my lease quote:

2018 Toyota Tundra SR5
$ 45,462 MSRP
$4,245 dealer discount
$2,000 Manufacturer Rebate
$39,217 net price
$36,824 RV
0.00481 MF
Lease w/ Ally: 24 month w/ 12k miles
$549.13 per month w/ 1,000 drive off
Note; This includes with $2000 rebate
LH Calculator says 7.4yrs.
LH Calculator
Lease With Toyota captive (TFS): 24 month w/ 12k miles
$623.70 per month w/ 1000 drive off
This one with no rebate due to incentivized lease rate @ 0.00150 MF.

Should I get, ask for more off when the 2019 starts arriving or not ??

Wait is that money factor correct? 11.54% APR?

Yes, its Ally doing the lease instead of TFS the captive bank.
By going thru and outside bank, the $2K rebate can be applied.

You’re joking, right?

I wouldn’t pay 11.5% interest on anything, regardless of what it was.

And are you sure about the RV? 81%?!

Toyota’s website offers $319 a month with $3499 DAS - that’s superior to either of these offers, assuming the numbers are actually legitimate.

Unless you have sub-prime credit or are leaving out some other variable, you should run (not walk) away from this deal.

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Find another toyota dealer that would lease thru US Bank and ask for a quote there. Oh and make sure you raise both your middle fingers while running away from this deal. Complete highway robbery unless you have crappy credit.

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It is so tough here in Southern California with the tons of dealers that we have - almost all of them say they do not lease outside the captive bank: TFS.

I might as well wait for the end the year sales in order to score a Tundra…

Luckily I have the luxury of time on my side as I am not desperate for a truck…

Yea like @Samvt said, the killer deals seem to be by leasing through US Bank, not Ally so broaden your search if needed to find a dealer who works with them.

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The ALLY bank numbers are accurate, which just shows how much money factor impacts a lease - you’re literally borrowing $100/mo ($2400 difference between net cap and the residual).

Something doesn’t add up on the TFS offer. The residual should be 65% or so on a 36 month lease at .00150. With $1k at signing, that’s in the $450 range. It wouldn’t be fantastic, but it would certainly be acceptable.

Yes, the Ally rate is a huge MF rate which makes the higher residual a moot point…

I will look for US Bank dealers.

As for the TFS, they quoted a 24 month 12K lease to compares “apples to apples” with the Ally lease quote…

Or ask if one pay is possible with ally with those numbers?