Rate my lease - New 2019 BMW 530e

This is the lowest I could get in San Francisco Bay Area. Dealers in the area are typically snobby and not willing to sell at > 10% discount and base MF. The sale price includes loyalty, lease cash, and OL code. I also qualify 3 rebates: CCA, PG&E, and CVRP, but do not count those in the lease calculation.

What do you guys think? Should I go SoCal and get better deal?

Seems pretty legit, what do those other rebates make the effective payment?

@tim818 What was the sale price before the incentives? Or how much did the incentives total?

CCA = $1000, PG&E = $800, CVRP = $1500 (if funds come in)

I think I’m getting close to 12% off of MSRP before any incentives.

I’m talking about the lease cash and loyalty incentives. Do you know if they applied $500 or $1k of the OL code for your deal?

You are at 13% solid discount, thats pretty solid and probably the best i’ve seen on this forum for a new 5-series in CA. I never got anyone to bite at more than 11% off so I would take it and sign.

Lease cash = $2250, loyalty = $2000. Pretty standard. Based on my calculation, the dealer is willing to take $1k off for the provided OL code, but I’ll confirm when I sign the paper this weekend.

Wait. I just re-looked at your calculator and you have incentives listed separately. You’re first post says the sales price includes the includes the incentives already though?

Based on my research anything in lower $5xx monthly seems to be a good deal as there are other rebates to make it lower $4xx