RANGE ROVER VELAR - Please review this deal for feedback!

Velar P380 S
MSRP: 70k + 1k destination charges
Dealer claims that the selling price is 64k
10k miles
Ex-loaner with about 2500 miles on it

This is the deal so far. Still trying to bring it down, but not easy!

DAS: Tax (NY), first payment and bank/DMV fees up front (total of $4,218)


How much should I be aiming for the final #s?

He would not disclose RV and MF info. Trust me, I tried :frowning:

I’ll grab the RV and MF for you later tonight.

Aim for $680 with only First month payment, registration, and a doc fee due at signing.

I did a 71k p380S loaner with 1500 miles last month for $684 (including 7% tax) 36/10 with those basic drive offs.

Also highly recommend trying to find one with the upgraded leather, make the car feel much more expensive.

Thank you for sharing the info.

I think that this vehicle has the basic perforated grained leather seat (light oyster color)

So, how much was the drive-off for that deal, Ralph? It looks like, for my deal, my first month + DMV + fees are coming out to be $2167.

That’ll vary, in IL dealers cant charge more than $175~ doc fee’s and DMV is $221

I think total drive off was $1080~

The upgraded leather just wraps the dash and doors in leather, I dont think its an actual upgrade to the leather.

I completely forgot, do you qualify for the conquest?

I currently have an Evoque, but the Evoque conquest was expired in February. So, I am planning to bring my family member who has MB to co-sign for me to get the conquest. Yeah, so the selling price should be 62k.

With the additional 2k, I would say its a fair deal, an additional 2500 I would say solid, good job!

I believe that the #s that he ran were with the 2k conquest applied. Just emailed him to confirm.

Just got a reply saying that “prior to the price reduction the lease payment was $692/month”.

Be firm get another 2k off. It be awesome if you could get 2500 but dont sweat it if you cant.

Theres going to be a bunch of velar demos if this one doesnt work out.

But then again, if you’re happy with the car, and the payment, accept!

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