Range Rover Velar Demo Deals

I’ve always gotten ridiculous lease deals on E Class Mercedes demos. But decided to break away from Benz. Anyone had any similar success with finding similar or somewhat great deals on Range Rover Velar demos in the mid-Atlantic? I’d appreciate hearing about your successes.
Happy Thanksgiving!

You can search here, there were many Velar deals/discussions.

Don’t expect the kind of deals you got on a Benz on a Rover, apparently they sell themselves


I’ve been looking on the west coast and gotten zero traction. Like, flat out told no.

Maybe they just don’t like me but I think reality is that there’s pretty high demand, so not much for incentives.

I thought I’d seen some posts about great deals on Velar Demos on here in the past, but did a search and couldn’t find them.

The most aggressive dealers I found in the mid-Atlantic were Land Rover Bethesda and Land Rover Roanoke. I went as far north as the DC area and south to Atlanta. Not sure if either have any demos left, but doesn’t hurt to reach out!

Good luck with the Velar deal chasing. Curious, do you mind sharing some of the E Class deals you remember getting in the past?

There are dozens on the forum who’ve done similarly. The last E class demo I bought was a $66k msrp car, that was bought for $50k - lease payment was about $500/month for 27 months including Maryland tax. Car had 7,000 miles on it. Just first month’s payment up front.

I am up for a Land Rover Financial early pull ahead (3 months payment waived) but none of the dealers want to make me a great offer on a Velar.

Guess I will look at other brands…