Range Rover sport hse 2021

Range Rover sport HSE 2021
MSRP: 83,054.
Sale price: 82,500

MF: .001 (Edmunds has .0007)
RR: 57. (Edmunds 57)

Gross cap cost: 83,238 includes tax credit.

Total lease cost: 41727
Monthly payment: 1,045
Due at signing: (1st month payment, taxes,fees, ) ~5k

What are your thoughts?

Serious question…

With a $554 discount and a bumped MF, how do you think people here will react?


Then what’s in the $5k DAS?

1st month payment, tax of 6.25%, acq fee, registration totals 5k

You just said you got tax credits

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With the marked up mf, they’re charging you over MSRP.

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Tax credit is 1400. In Texas you pay sales tax on full price of car. Unless I’m not understanding?

If you have tax credits, you’re not paying 6.25% tax on the value of the car.

Are you trading anything in?

No not trading anything in.

Payment of $1049.34 and cap cost reduction of $ 3950.66 which includes 895. Acc fee 150 doc fee 193 tax fees and 1290 in sales tax and the rest goes towards reduction.

Tax credits normally brings tax down to around 1-1.25% depending how the dealer does it so tax would be around $1k depending on dealer add ons.

You posted about a 2020 HST yesterday. If you’re flexible in the trim you want I’d target older stock via cargurus.com and send them the breakdown of the deal you want. Asking for quotes especially in Texas with Land Rover dealers is going to be painful. I’d contact the Internet Sales person and give them the numbers that you’ve calculated are realistic.