Range Rover Sport & Full Size Reservations & Ordering

If you’re interested @nextlevelautobrokers and @AutoCompanion got em at msrp I think

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Anyone have an update on their order?
I put my name down 8/2022, looks like delivery is going to be 4/2024.

My brother is still waiting on his. Similar order date and they don’t even make the blue he originally ordered. Early 2024 is what he’s thinking.

Did he order a 6 cyl or 8 cyl? Amazing how they initially forecasted 12 months for delivery and we’re now at 20 months at least.

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There are a few dealers in LA willing to do MSRP on inventory they have in stock.

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6 cylinder (he didn’t listen to my suggestion to get the bmw v8) and 7 seater

I did the same. They were saying 2 years at that time for the 8 cyl…

I came to do another thread and looked in on this S show and OMG. You guys are still waiting on orders. My ‘23 has 25K+ miles and I’m looking to order a ‘25 already and you’re still waiting. Unless it’s the hybrid V6 which got unceremoniously dumped in the first year of production this is borderline criminal. BTW I just passed on a ‘24 V6 with a wrong interior color in SF. DM me and I’ll connect you through and they might honor the str8 msrp deal if it’s still there.

Not still waiting. Picked up the V6 two weeks ago, albeit in the wrong color. I’m on the list for a 2025 as well

I just had a ‘24 arrive with the wrong color interior as well but now that you say it, I’m suspicious that they do it on purpose to have an order customer back out and reorder but they get to try to make extra for a car on the ground. :face_with_monocle:

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In my case, they sent me my original build which I changed. They confirmed that I was able to change it but they never actually made the change in the system. So I know it wasn’t deliberate but just a massive fuck up.

Do they not provide some sort of POC, which would show the specs?

Pretty sure I had a dealer do that to me with a Jeep a couple of years ago. I clearly had ordered/specified the sepia interior and it came with black. I think it was intentionally done because black is a much easier sell. It ended up being a flip so I didn’t mind much. :upside_down_face:

Exactly and yes the order sheet was provided. We got a garnet red interior which used to be available only on autobiography but now available on any. Everything else came as ordered except the interior. Now maybe they do it to cya in case the buyer backs out but still pretty frustrating.