Range Rover extended warranty

Does anybody know if the price of an extended warranty from Range Rover is negotiable?

I always heard that in general extended warranties are negotiable. Was trying to find out for range rover in particular.

Maybe @loberant might know since sonic sells land rover?

Yes they usually are.

But they’re probably really expensive to start with.

@loberant can you send me a contact from your dealership group who would be willing to negotiate? My friend’s Range Rover sport is close to 50k mi and my understanding is he needs to buy it before he hits 50k mi.

I am not sure who negotiates or not?

But he can call and ask for the Finance and Insurance Manager and they can quote him a price.

Those warranties are probably going to be outrageous,

Also the car will have to have an inspection…etc.

ok thanks i’ll let him know.

There is a 3rd party one from Mercury Insurance. My independent Porsche shop says they pay out (since he fixes cars and Mercury sends him checks instead of the owner of the car) so he thinks they are legit.

As long as it is not from these guys