Random dealer payoff question

How does this work? So I have a 2019 ram 1500 and Chrysler capital told me I have $9k in remaining payments and to buyout it would be $42k. However, I am talking with a broker and he said to get the dealer payoff amount. How would I get that and what’s the difference between that and the buyout amount? Like what would I expect the dealer payoff to be compared to the $42k buyout?

Often times the dealer payoff is different than your buyout amount. Call Chrysler and ask them.

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Chrysler wouldn’t give it to me for some odd reason. Maybe the dealer has to call?

Yes, this is most likely the answer. They’ll probably need your name & VIN at minimum. They might also need your account number and possibly have to conference you in to approve

Ok, got the dealer payoff… $39.2k. Don’t think I’ll get an offer from Carvana or vroom even close to that

It’ll only take about 30 seconds to find out…

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Hi @Kyle_Levy,

How were able to get the dealer payoff from Chrysler ? For some reason they wouldn’t give it to me.