Ram target discount

Hey guys, I’m looking for a lease on a 2021 Ram Big Horn night edition. I’ve got RV and MF and incentives nailed down, but I’m not positive on what % off msrp I should be targeting before tax and incentives, especially with employee pricing going on on the purchase side. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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I know you already heard from me on this but I figured I’d throw my reply in here for anyone else looking:

Night Edition RAM’s are tough right now. They are probably the most in-demand of anything RAM sells, and the production on them is somewhat limited. Many dealers are selling them for only a small amount under MSRP, maybe 1k. Some are even getting MSRP in certain regions. This isn’t to discourage a hack, but this is an instance where unless the dealer, for some reason wants that car gone, they really don’t need to discount them much.

That being said, on many RAM’s I would consider 7-7.5% to be a really strong and acceptable discount with 8-8.5% being you really pushing them into the no money made territory. The issue with targeting a percentage on RAM is because invoice isn’t as straightforward on these vehicles as they are on say, a BMW.

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