RAM LARAMIE $543 w/tax $900 DAS MSRP 59500

Just inked this deal. Was a very unique deal unlike most I’ve done. I’m that I knew it was a solid deal so didn’t care about the rest of the numbers. Just the bottom line and what I was getting.

No it’s not a crazy tundra hack but the truck IMO is miles more advanced and loaded than the tundra or really any truck for that matter.
Shopped this truck for about a month and a half. Called a dozen dealers. Inventory is scarce etc…

I will have the exact numbers next week as apparently they were supposed to give me a thumb drive but they will mail it to me Monday.

Residual: $37261
Gross Cap:$55520
Rebates: $ 7250

Contract not showing the rate

2020 ram Laramie 4x4 Hemi
Dual pano roof, 12 inch screen, Laramie level 1 group, hested\cooles seats, leather, cross traffic, etc…


Payment: $543 includes tax and 900$ DAS which included first month and some tax.

The big kicker to this deal is they stepped up BIG on my trading for my tundra as their inventory was low. Got almost 5k over KBB and only took a 1k loss which I gladly paid to get out of the tundra 12 months early.

Every other dealer was in the high 800s on every lease they worked up at cars several thousand less than this unit.

Again, I will update with the residual, etc… next week.


Seems pretty high to me. I just leased a $60,995 MSRP Laramie 5.7, Night package, pano, 12” nav for 465/mo. 36/10. 600 DAS.

Instead of saying how bad it is and flexin, post your details so we can compare!


465 with tax is a great deal. Well done.

Don’t forget I also got well over blue book on my trade. That was major factor.

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Both your and OP deals completely useless to anybody else without the full details/breakdown

FCA incentives/MF/RV vary wildly by region, trim and bank.


Seems like a solid deal to me. I’d be thrilled with that!

Looking for a 2020 1500 Big Horn in the Chicago, IL area and vehicles with a low to mid 50’s MSRP are pricing out higher than this for a 36/10 lease, with an 800 credit score.

@Mike_N I have a Ram 2500 and just leased a Tundra Sport 4x4 from Jrouleau426 from this forum. Do you mind sharing State you live in, State where the dealer is that leased you the Ram, and other specifics of the deal (includes tax or not, financing company, rebates, and dealer discount). That seems like a VERY good deal on a $61K Ram with $600 DAS on a 36/10 lease.

Exactly. 80 miles from me you get an extra $2k of FCA lease cash. I’m trying all angles right now on a $55k ish Ram. Some areas even have the extra money plus $1500 in lease conquest cash. In my area the conquest is only available on retail🤬. If I could get any of those I would be in the range I’m looking

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I just got quoted on 2020 Ram big horn 1500 built to serve edition $870 36/12. Haha i almost fell out of my chair.

Money factor .0002,
MSRP $56,945.00,
Selling Price 51,450
Residual $30,180.85

I almost fell out of MY chair when I read that. :laughing:

I had a 2017 Ram 2500 4x4, Limited, w/ the Cummins Diesel, MSRP of $74.5K and 36/15K and the payment on THAT was just under $800 with FL tax.

$870/mo on a $57K Dodge Ram 1500 is ludicrous.

I just had a thought, maybe the lease is 36/25K…lol

A lot of my quotes were in the high 800s. Even for a big horn lol. The reality is we are in some crazy times and dealers wanna hang out to their inventory and are reluctant to let cars go with big discounts. After 10 dealers quoted me in the 800s for units less than 55k. I jumped on my deal cause I knew it was the best I would get.

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Mind sharing where you got your truck at?

Thank you

It is Crazy right now i see a lot of people rushing deals me personally i would wait until inventory builds back up. Dealers aren’t really discounting so most may end up with a mediocre deal or worse a very shitty deal.

Very possible. But it’s also likely the deals could get worse. It will take some time to get inventory levels back to normal and even then who knows what happens with the economy and virus.

As for my deal it’s very solid IMO especially for a $60000 truck It’s honestly a dream to drive and more comfortable and smoother on the road than my 5 series. Would gladly take the deal again even BA a another $200 tundra. The ride quality and features and just that much better.

Ultimately you can’t put a price on getting something that has wvrrybtjnt you want. Often I make concessions on features and cars to just age ya “crazy deal”… 6 months later I’m looking to get out lol.

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Yeah I called a dealer about doing a Big Horn lease and he told me they are pushing Laramie this month. Anyway the Big Horn was $485 and Laramie was $450 ish. I’d give you particulars but I haven’t signed yet

Edited to include rebates and residual

Care to share the details? I’ve been hunting Laramie deal for awhile now, would love to see the specifics or paperwork. Help a hackr our?

I posted some more of the exact details. Lmk if there is any other info you are looking for

Appreciate it, you did great. I was trying to reply to Mike_N response. If I botched it, that’s on me. Like to hear more about his sub $500 deal.
What region are you in though since we’re on topic? I got decent offer 8.6% dealer discount but only $4k ally rebates.

Hello Naderade,
Where did you get your truck at?
What bank did the lease?
Thank you