Ram 1500 bighorn crew cab under $300 lease

Anyone seen any good deals near Maryland? Started to look around but only see Michigan with this kind of deal.

Look at the fine print. This deal is built using a bunch of stackable incentives targeted to the FCA Great Lakes Business Center which is a group of Midwest states and is a marketing region for the OEM. This also uses employee pricing because so many people in that region qualify.

The incentives in MD are different and most likely less than the GLBC.

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Understood that part but looking to see if anyone in the Maryland area has seen any deal close to this. Or surrounding states… I dont mind traveling

MD tax alone on a $50K truck is gonna be $3,000… so you’re looking for a payment that’s ~$220 before tax?

Doesn’t sound remotely realistic

I dont mind paying tax, plus I dont know if deals are the same for buy and lease. But Big Horn are going for about 40k. Plus I said under $300.

Deals are hardly ever the same… but in MD taxes are the same.

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