Radar Detector and Lease Return

Hi Guys,

I’m handing in my Grand Cherokee lease for a wrangler. I had a radar power source hardwired in near the rear view mirror for my Escort Max. Do I need to take it out, leave it, or just cut the wire and tape it with electrical tape?

That wire most likely is just a tap into the connector behind that plastic panel. That panel most likely snaps into place and you can probably just pop it off, remove the wire entirely and snap it back.

I’m sure you can cut it and not get dinged, but having a hacked open end of a wire is just going to raise questions if they see it.

See if this helps:

If it is a mirror tap, you can probably reuse it down the road.

I vote for cut and hide it.


Not a mirror tap. Spliced in. I just took it out. Took the mirror down. Cut it and taped with electrical tap. Will reuse the wire later.

Yea, I hardwire all my radar detectors in like that. Just cut the wire, put a piece of electrical tape over the end, then tuck it back up under whatever panel it came out of. No one will ever see it again or raise questions or anything like that.