QX80 CPO lease with 1500 miles

First, this forum is awesome. I went into to negotiate a QX80 this weekend and used the lease knowledge to negotiate. Unfortunately that ugly MF killed the deal. Had a 15% discount off MSRP too.

Now I see at another dealer a CPO QX80 with 1500 miles for the same price I got the new car down to. I have a broker I am going to contact about this vehicle since Infiniti won’t lease it. What should I expect as far as Residual and MF? I would think this is essentially new since the dealer is the only owner on the history? Wondering how to negotiate a lower acquisition cost through the broker and get a better MF. Any thoughts on this?

MF is only negotiable via MSD, once you’re down to the buy rate.

Check Edmunds for the buy rate. If dealer gives you that, you’re done. Up to you re: MSD if your state allows.

If they don’t give you buy rate, move along. Find another dealer.

Don’t waste time trying to lease a used car.

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Right about MF. Can brokers provide a better MF, or would it be similar? I guess I was considering these vehicle as a loaner. 2019 with 1500 miles. Probably last attempt trying to make this happen for wife then onto other vehicles.

No. There’s a set buy rate MF from the bank that can only be lowered by MSDs, as long as the dealership gives you buy rate MF on your deal. A broker might be better at negotiating and getting them to give buy rate (dealers can mark it up for profit), but there’s not a special MF that they can get. The acquisition fee is also set by the bank - they can again mark that up for profit, but a broker should know what the normal acquisition fee is and ensure you aren’t paying a padded fee.

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You said Infiniti won’t lease it?

Right, the salesman said that Infiniti does not lease used cars. Seems weird they CPO this at 1500 miles with no other owner. Or I guess this particular dealership doesn’t want to advertise a loaner or demo vehicle. I have a broker that will lease used vehicles. I know enough now to see if the numbers make any sense. I would still rather find a new vehicle through a dealer with negotiation. I’m finding that hard for a full-size loaded SUV and Texas taxes. I’ll keep working it though.

I think you still have some reading to do. Brokers just negotiate the deal, they don’t get any special terms that aren’t available to the public. Typically used cars can’t be leased (unless you go through a 3rd party bank which isn’t common at all).

But keep us posted on what your broker says.

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Ah- thanks for the explanation. I was thinking this company buys the car and then leases it. Perhaps I’m too optimistic about this.