QX60 pricing in metro Detroit area - VPP?

I’m looking to help my parents get something to replace their X5 lease with and want to try and see if I can negotiate a deal on a 18 QX60 for them - numbers look great from what I’ve been reading. I heard you don’t need VPP in MI as it is already included? Can someone elaborate? Also, where would I find the Regional incentives for their area? Thanks!

Autobytel should have incentives. Last I checked there weren’t any in our area (I’m in Ann Arbor) and most dealers here, don’t want to play ball. At least not near Ann Arbor / Lansing / Dearborn area. If you find one, let me know…lol

Thanks! That’s too bad. Seems like nothing is leasing well this month. Should have had them bite on the s90 deals last month.

Regardless will give it a shot!

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You can also check the PA deals posted in Marketplace and see how far they’ll deliver. Fly and drive the rest.

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This is a viable option. The dealer in PA says they can do Michigan Registration, but they haven’t done it before… So there is some risk there… @amaximeya you know how brutal our Secretary of State process is.

Well i got a dealer to offer right off the bat
329 per month
4604 DAS (3200 is security deposit)

QX60 with premium and premium plus MSRP 50,015. Taxes included.

Not bad! Now I’ll see if the parents like the car and see where to take it.

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Well done!

What dealer, if I may ask? Feel free to msg me if you want to keep it private. Thanks!

What is the sale price. Is this 10k or 12k miles. Did the discount include VPP? if so how much