QX60 Luxe Deal Advice | $53k MSRP

Considering a QX60 among other suvs for the wife.
QX60 Luxe AWD w/ Essential & 20" Wheels
MSRP: $52,995
Dealer’s 1st price: $42,845

Dealer’s price includes a $4,750 “non customer facing” incentive. There is no eligibility and dealer stated it is valid on purchase only. If leased, it drops to $1,750. Therefore, dealer is at 10.2% off MSRP prior to this incentive. What is a valid % off MSRP to shoot for (prior to factory incentives) given this vehicle has been on their lot for 7 months?

Also, there was another thread where a number was listed to get an Infiniti VPP code. That didn’t work so any other advice on a VPP code is appreciated because we currently own a 2012 g37xs. They literally said “how did you get this number?”